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How Long to Max Combat?


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I want to start bossing/staking, and was told the first major step is maxing out my combat skills. All combats are 91+, so I'm hoping it won't take long. I don't know the best methods for training, so can someone let me know? I've listed the training methods that I do know/use.




92 Attack

91 Strength

95 Defence

95 LP

92 Ranged - Ascension Monestary (trying to make Ascs)

95 Prayer - Hefin Cleansing Stones

92 Magic

95 Slayer - Morvran / Raptor

96 Summoning - Pack Yaks


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If you're fairly well off (can afford scythe / other top notch gear): 

ruins.png De_Elite_One.png

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Blog to 200m in all skills.

Max cape achieved November 5th, 2011.

Completionist cape achieved December 29th, 2011.

Final Boss title achieved December 28th, 2014.

Trimmed completionist cape achieved November 7th, 2015.

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A mil an hour? That's insane. I'm relatively poor at 165m cash stack. Nox Scythe would be my whole bank. :/



Yeah, or you could be stuck doing methods that barely only break 400k xp/hr. I mean... you can always sell the scythe back too.



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Couple of weeks if you grind it, that's why almost everyone you see in P2P has maxed combat. It's so easy nowadays <_<


Magic: blood burst at abbys (400K/h)

Ranged: Waterfiends, Dark Beasts (can do a DB slayer task daily if you have the TH helmet) or just chinning at the abbys (expensive)

Melee: Hellhounds @ Taverly (not super fast, but AFK), Orks north in the GWD, Airuts (if you have Soulsplit & Drygores)

Prayer: Gilded Altar

Slayer: Try to use the TH masks if you have them, so you can do your favorite tasks every day.

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