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16th November 2015 - Raptor's Challenge | Camel Warriors


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Raptor's Challenge | Camel Warriors


Gielinor's home to beings of all shapes and sizes, but camel warriors are among the strangest – and deadliest.


Find them on the island just east of Sophanem and claim the level 85 camel staff, which can inflict extra damage over time and reduce your target's damage-dealing capabilities.


They're the latest creatures to feature in Raptor's Challenge, too, so be sure to check in daily with the man himself - found nearby. Hope you're enjoying the double Slayer XP!


Read on for further details, or play now!


Where to Find Camel Warriors


Get to the island east of Sophanem via the Agility shortcut
You must be a RuneScape member
96 Slayer is required to harm camel warriors
100 combat is required to be assigned camel warriors by a slayer master
Other Information
Very high combat stats and your best gear are strongly recommended

Camel warriors were born from an excellent RuneLabs pitch by Syrus Coy. These noble nomads are masters of melee and ancient magic, so underestimate them at your peril.


They specialise in a unique form of sorcery – mirages made of smoke, blood and shadow. Each type has a different ability, buffing or healing others, or stealing your prayer points. Deal with them quickly, and try not to anger too many – they're nasty when they get the hump!


If you're lucky, you'll pick up the level 85 camel staff – a mighty magical implement that reduces your target's accuracy by 5%, and applies a damage-over-time effect.


As before, watch out for the next part of the key to the Raptor's chest while you're on assignment for camel warriors.


Finally, if you've been diligently fulfilling the Raptor's assignments through the month, you'll be able to hit the 15 required to unlock the Raptor-themed cosmetic armour set. It looks pretty awesome to start with, but gets yet more imposing as you maintain kill streaks of the high-level mobs we've released this month.


The improved appearance unlocks when you kill 30 wyverns, ripper demons, camel warriors or Acheron mammoths (any combination). This kill count degrades over time and the improved version of the armour override reverts to the basic one if it drops below 30 - although it can always be unlocked again. Kills are counted up to 100, so you can make it last a good while if you kill enough.


Have Fun!


Another cunning enemy awaits you this week - we're looking forward to seeing you take the camel warriors down. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts over on the forums.


The RuneScape Team


This Week's Live Streams


Each week we stream developer Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find a full streaming schedule over on our Twitch channel.


Check our YouTube channel, too, for recap videos of streams you may have missed, including last week's high-level mobs special.


Developer Q&A: Combat Council Q&A | 17:00 UTC, Tuesday 17th November


This week we'll be doing something a bit different and give you a chance to meet the Combat Council in full! This is your chance to find out how the Combat Council work and get some insight on their up-and-coming projects.


Ask your questions on the forums, on Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag#RSDevQA.


Good Morning Gielinor! | 09:30 UTC, Wednesday 18th November


Join Mods JD and Jon for another edition of Good Morning Gielinor. There will be puns, teasers and tea – as well as another JMod taking on our QBD challenge, and the best of community content. Don't miss it!


[spoiler=Patch Notes]Graphical

  • The archaeological expert in the examine centre near Varrock no longer has patchy skin.
  • Almera and Rasalo no longer have patchy skin.
  • Statues of Cyrisus have been changed to match the updated NPC model.
  • Stacks of adamant fire arrows now correctly look like they are fire-tipped.
  • King Lathas's crown is now the right shape for his head.
  • The gold-trimmed Saradomin rune armour upstairs in the Wise Old Man's house now has up-to-date graphics.
  • Shaman's moccasins no longer stretch during the arcane resting animation.
  • A female banker in the Grand Exchange has had her legs repositioned so they line up correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with floating berets on some Mobilising Armies NPCs.
  • The Werewolf claws override can now be recoloured.
  • Using the pumpkin launcher with a crystal bow now works correctly.
  • The correct animation now plays when smithing cannonballs.
  • Removed forcewalk from 3 empty tiles near Falador farm.
  • Tweaked the lighting in the Vorago boss encounter area.
  • A stretching issue on the sheathed version of Annihilation has been fixed.
  • A missing tree trunk from a maple tree near Seers Village has been replaced.
  • A stretching issue on lucky bandos boots has been fixed.
  • A broken carpet model in Pollnivneach has been fixed.
  • Some blocked tiles around the back of Fenkenstrain's Castle that prevent players from accessing the area have been fixed.
  • A graphical issue with the steps surrounding the statue of Saradomin north-east of Varrock has been fixed.
  • A table that was sticking through a wall in the Dwarven Mine has been rotated.
  • A render issue with noxious longbow and assassins cape has been fixed.
  • Players can no longer walk into walls in Falador.
  • Jadinko slippers no longer become detached from legs when doing emotes.
Skills, D&Ds & Minigames 
  • Added a Barbarian Assault armour patch to the reward shop at a cost of 100 pts (any role). This can be used to increase the respective damage bonus of a Barbarian Assault armour piece.
  • Corrected the clue scroll answer the cook is looking for when asking how many cannons there are in 
    Lumbridge castle.
  • A typo within the TzHaar fight pit section of the minigames tab has been fixed.
  • A typo that occurred with the depletion of crystal-flecked sandstone rock has been fixed.
Quests, Challenges and Achievements 
  • The possessed priest during the quest “Icthlarin's Little Helper” will now deal damage.
  • Made another attempt at fixing the disconnects while peeking during the “Broken Home” quest.
  • Legendary pets no longer pick up the Queen's secateurs during “Fairy Tale I – Growing Pains”.
  • A spelling error affecting Erjolf during “The Tales of the Muspah” has been fixed.
  • The drop rate of items on living wyverns has been buffed. The average drop should be worth approximately 15k.
  • The royal crossbow's item value has been adjusted slightly.
  • The volume of the Elder Fury track has been slightly reduced.
  • The spring cleaner now gives the correct materials when dismantling arrows.
  • A typo affecting chameleon extract has been fixed.
Ninja Fixes 
  • Quick chat phrases for Slayer and Boss kills now also include the prestige count.
  • The Ectoplasmator and ghostly essence have been added to the Edimmu drop table.
  • Clicking the 'All' tab within the bank interface now scrolls to the top of the bank.
  • Accept Aid has been re-worked and split off into 7 different categories under game settings, 
    including teleports, spells, invitations and more.




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I don't know what I was expecting. The Raptor outfit to actually look like Raptor's outfit I guess?


They did this with the Astromancer outfit too. One of the best looking outfit on a npc. And we get this nxt client textured garbage that's going to look awful if we even get the nxt client.


The only good thing is I've been too busy playing playing Guild Wars 2 to even bother with Raptor's Challenges so now I don't have to hit a challenge everyday without missing any to get it while also not having bothered to do any. It's a win-win. Thank god it's garbage! Yay!


Can't say the content in 2015 was bad but I don't think we got anything like Elf City or Fate of the Gods quality like last year. Rather disappointed a lot of months were ninja fix/patch notes at best. If it wasn't that it was a single content update at most really.

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so, what's the lore drops from these camel dudes, is there some kind of explanation


Yeah, they're basically the creation of one the Zarosian Mahjarrat (the one that was Enahkra's enemy) - he merged the camels with weird spirits from the Mahajarat homeland.

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I like what they did with the staff making it bind. Frankly if you want to sell a drop thats fine. But if you really want to use it then you have to commit to binding it.

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I hope Raptor chokes on a pretzel. Nothing but waterfiends and dagganoth tasks. Over and over and over and over.


But both those tasks are amazing, Dagganoths in particular.


I'll trade you the Dark Beast task I got for them.

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I hope Raptor chokes on a pretzel. Nothing but waterfiends and dagganoth tasks. Over and over and over and over.


But both those tasks are amazing, Dagganoths in particular.


I'll trade you the Dark Beast task I got for them.



I'm not complaining about the exp, it's mad (200k per task). Just want some diversity that's all. Five waterfiend tasks in a row.




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