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[PSA] Amazon is selling Runescape membership cards for $5.70


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In case anyone here is not aware, Amazon is selling 30 day membership cards for $5.70 (40% off!!!!). Enjoy your discount while it lasts! Before you think it's advertising, it is not a referral link as it has been posted multiple times on official Runescape forums and Reddit. With Bonds surging way above 13M a piece, it might be a good time to start buying membership for cheap.


Although it states that you must use a USA address, the membership is not being shipped to your address. Just use a random USA address if you do not live in the states (like me). It is automatically added to your Runescape account (link it to Amazon). You can buy as many as you want in your cart.


Hope it helps everyone!


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Are you allowed to redeem these later (in a couple of months) or must you use it right away?

Expires in 6 or 12 months after purchase I think.



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Just for membership I think. If you click other products in the list, it will display different prices.

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Nice. I normally buy the 1 year membership during Christmas time when they release perks and stuff. This might be good if I open a new account for Darkscape. :) Thanks a lot.


Opening a new account for Darkscape would be a waste.


1 user account can play main game, darkscape and osrs and thereby only pay 1 lot of membership.


Only reason to open extra accounts as if you want an alt or ironman


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