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Journey - Social & Community Clan

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"Its not about the destination, but the Journey."


Who are we?


Journey is a clan based on the proposition stated above which also works as our clan motto.
We are a social & community based clan.
Journey is indeed a fairly new clan, however, the experienced leadership are very optimistic about this clan and the potential it has in the near future.


Clan Summary:


¤ Clan chat: 'Journey'
¤ Leaders: Poly & Jardeath
¤ Founders: Poly & Jardeath 
¤ Founded: 14th November 2014
¤ Home Worlds: P2P - World 134
........................................F2P - World 3
¤ Clan Forums: Off-Site Forums (http://forums.journey-rs.com/)
¤Twitter: @JourneyClan
¤ Clan Colours: Teal | Lime | White
¤ Clan Time: UTC (Game Time).


Join the Journey!


If you are interested in joining the Journey or simply just interested to know more about the clan

(ranking structure, rules, requirements, etc) please visit the Journey Clan - Recruitment Thread on the Official RuneScape Forums.
Get in touch with us on the recruitment thread, clan chat, or PM.


We look forward to hearing from you! bye.gif

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