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Jord4n X

Recruiting for beyond the boundaries [RS3]

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~Beyond The Boundary ~ 60+ Combat. ~ "Never give up, always push past the boundaries." ~


Welcome to the official Beyond The Boundary (BTB) recruitment thread! We are a P2P, level 60+ combat, PVM Clan. We eventually will do clan wars as well.


About Us


"The clan was founded on December 29th in the year 2015. (1 Year Earlier)- After the majority of his friends stopped playing Runescape, a young man began to lose interest in the game as well. Without others to join in on the action, it no longer had the same luster it once did. (December 28th, 2015)-The sister of that same young man began to replay the game after leaving it behind as well. Upon discovery, she tried to convince him to join back in the action, but only under one condition. If she raised her levels quickly, aided him in starting a clan up of multiple players to go on quests and journeys, only then would the legend return to the game he once held dear. With that agreement, this brings us to overcome new boundaries in our new chapter of Runescape. Let the members of the clan overcome and go 'Beyond The Boundaries"


Perks of joining Beyond the Boundary are as followed :


- Having an experienced clan leader.
- Plenty of events that we will start once we get the clan up and running.
- Make friends that will make your Runescape experience a lot more enjoyable.
- Opportunity for advancement within the clan ranks.
Clan Information


Co Owner

Date Founded
December 29th, 2015

Clan Chat
Beyond The Boundarys

Clan citadel tier


Banned members
~~~Clan Rules~~~

General rules for all members:

1. Obey all Jagex rules .
2. No racial, derogatory, or prejudicial insults towards anyone in clan chat.
3. You need to be in the clan chat as much as possible, to make sure you don't miss out on messages, This also ensures a level of activeness that will be noticed by leaders.
4. Please follow orders given by officer ranks. They are appointed to leaders for a reason.
5. Do Not report clan members for things said in clan chat, as its a private chat for us so if there is a problem with a clan member, please contact a officer in a private message and muted the current problem clan member/player until its handled.

Specific rules for officers and council members:

- Do not abuse your authority.
- If you can't commit to being a leader please inform a high council member or higher and we can work something out.
- Be fair, and keep and make sure you make the right decisions, just because you have a close friend that is in the wrong, you cant pardon them or let them get away with anything, rules must be enforced in an unbiased manner.


First Offense: For most of the above rules, a verbal warning will be given and a re-statement of the rule broken.
Second Offense: Temporary kick from the clan and/or stripping of rank and/or position.
Third Offense: Ban (Or 1st Harsh Offense) (Chance to appeal ban)
Forth Offense (Or 2nd Harsh Offense) - Permanent ban and Add to Black List
~~~Clan Ranking System~~~

How do I earn points?

Points can be earned through many different methods including attending events, recruiting members, capping at the citadel and general activity. Points can be earned as follows:

- Being kinda and doing tasks the leader asks, such as explaining things to new members or helping them out: However many the leader wishes to give
- Event attendance: 2pts scheduled, 1pt unscheduled
- Capping the resources at the Citadel and verifying with a council member: 2pts
- Recruit/refer a new member in game : 3pts (5 Points when they apply on forums saying you recruited them)
- Attending Pre War Events: 3pts
- Attending a War: 5pts
- Bumping the Forums 20 bumps - 1 pt | 40 bumps - 2 pts | 60 bumps - 3 pts. No spamming!
- Donating to the clan bank. ( Every 1m is half a point ) There is a max donation for points, so you cannot donate for a leadership role. Donating more is appreciated and not nessasary, just looks good on you.

What counts as an event?

Scheduled events - 3+ clan members must be present 2 points are awarded. 

Unscheduled events - 4+ clan members must be present 1 point is awarded.Each event must have a staff member present.
~~~Chain of Command~~~

Clan Leader

Gold Cross 
 Clan Leaders Advisors (Appointed by Leader)

Silver Cross
Grand Council (Appointed by Council Vote or Leader) 

Bronze Cross
 Warlord - (Appointed by Council Vote or Leader)N/A (Not necessary until we start clan wars)

Gold Star
General (5000 Points or appointed by leader)

Silver Star
Captain (2000 Points or appointed by leader)

Bronze Star
Lieutenant (750 Points or appointed by leader)

3 Bars
Elite Member (400 Points)

2 Bars
Advanced Member (125 Points)

1 Bar


~~~Member List~~~


* The Number Next To Your Name In The ( ) Is Your Current Points Total


Clan Leader




Clan Leaders Advisors


Grand Council






Hyeon Mina 






Advanced Member




Slayer Life (30)
Hunter OSKIS (33)
TemplarRS (25)
Monkey Dead (15)
Chuck1991 (15)
its420t1me (15)
Bericolo (15)
Arcade I (23)
Jorda4n X (15)
~~~Recruiting Letter~~~



You are invited to join Beyond The Boundary(BTB)! We are a new and upcoming clan, which is good news because you have the option to be one of the first to join us as we grow giving you the opportunity to be an important part of the expansion of our clan.


The clan was founded on December 29th in the year 2015. We are a PVM/Skilling/Event Clan at the moment, we plan on doing PVP in the Future. We are new but have an experienced clan leader and are ready to meet and take in new recruits.


* Lots of events once we are up and running
* A great social experience and make a lot of new friends
* A staff of friendly helpful people 
* Clan advancement and leadership opportunities 
* Weekly meetings and skilling events
* Actions will be noticed, we are not like other clans who are just posting to get their numbers up we care about each clan member and your success within the clan will be recognized

Please either pm me in game or apply on our forums by Clicking the QFC Link below.


Clan Leader and Founder - Settings


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