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Fastest Max Combat Method?


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Hey everyone!


I just got 99 Slayer today, so I want to just max out my remaining combat stats now that there isn't really a point in training Slayer (I'm not going for any 120s at the moment) So what are the fastest combat methods based on my stats? I am using Ports armor and weapons, and don't have much wiggle room for better gear.


92 Attack

92 Strength

97 Defence

97 Constitution

93 Magic

95 Ranged - Ascension Dungeon while making Bows. Waterfiends after that.

96 Prayer - Cleansing Crystals on DXPW

96 Summoning - Pack Yaks after I max out other stats.




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It may not be the outright fastest/most efficient but one thing you could try is farming K'ril for money and magic XP, then chinning in the abyss afk for Ranged. Or since you have quest requirements, Glacors could work well too.


I'm not sure about melee. One way is to sort of welfare it with hellhounds and bonecrusher/ss or abyss with a blood necklace but I'm sure there are faster ways :P.

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My recommendations would be:


Strength and Attack - camp frost dragons and make a lot of money, they are also very reasonable experience. 

Ranged - As you said waterfiends

Magic - The fastest way is barraging in the abyss, could also consider camping K'ril

Defence - Can be done by switching combat stance in any of the above options depending on whether you want more money, pure experience or are still short of charms are levelling range (I'm afraid I'm not sure on the charms per xp)

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Personally I would keep doing slayer. This provides some variety to what you kill plus with the right task you can make good money.


However if you did not want to do slayer for attack defense and strength I would consider either ariuts or frost drags. Both can land you a pretty penny and the xp/hr isn't too bad. For mage I think you have a good idea on what you want to do.


Something else to consider for range is maybe doing spirit mages. I did camp them from 98-99 range and made a net profit of 14.6m (I'll include what I got below this text wall). The reason I am including this in my post is because you mentioned that you are meh on cash at the moment. This would be a great way to get some money. Xp/hr there is meh at best but money making wise it's a surefire way to get some money. If you want to get 99 summoning I would consider doing that during a DXPW. I went from 96-99 on the last DXPW and save a lot of cash doing it.


[hide=Drop info from 98-99 range for me]So I decide to get 99 range from 98 off spirit mages. Okay xp/hr and great money I dare say.


First pic the drops I got but I will include what I got here.

  • 10 dragon boots (alched)
  • 6 Sirenic Scales
  • 2 Crystal Keys, technically I got 2 loops and 2 teeths drops  :)
  • 2 dragon stone
  • 4000 soul runes
  • 67 water talismans
  • 168 battle staffs
  • 348 fire talismans
  • 468 air orbs

This was all with 1,872 kill count of spirit mages. 


I went in with 73,959,739 GP and came out with 88,596,216 GP, net profit of 14,636,477 GP. 8,040,077 GP of that was alchs of d boots, battle staff drops and rune swords. The other 6,596,400 GP was from the drops listed above. One note: I gave Skyrader from the clan I;m in 1.5m Gp for 200 ghostly essence and extra for bringing it to me  :)


This means per kill I made on average 7,818 gp. Not too bad I suppose lol.[/hide]


Good luck \o/




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Thanks everyone!


I will definitely add Summoning to my DXPW goals. I went from 85 - 96 in less than two hours during the last DXPW (with Shaman outfit and VoS). So I should be able to easily knock out Prayer and Summoning on the next DXPW. So:


Atk/Str: Frosties

Magic: Abyss/K'ril

Ranged: Asc/Waterfiends/S. Mages

Def/LP: See above.


Any estimates on time? I'm in no rush, but any estimate would help. Thanks again!


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