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Looking To Start A Clan

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Hello Scapers,

Not sure if this is the correct section.. BUT I've have been considered starting a clan for quite some time as I have never found a clan that I truly enjoyed so I created this thread seeking players who are knowledgeable with RuneScape and management as Founders for the clan and members in general I will not establish the clan until I have found 4  leaders who I feel who are fit for the position.

Clan Type:
- Homeworld based
- Worldwide
- Nice bonded family.
- Nice and fair ranking system
- Want a nice and strong leadership base
- aim for daily events and weekly skill comps
- Offsite forums in the future :)

What i need from leaders?

- Being active, loyal and committed.
- Citadel managers, , event organizers... and more jobs
- Knowing how the clan is run.

As the owner of the clan i will make sure all the pressure is on myself before anyone else.

About myself:
I've been playing RuneScape off and on since 2006, I am 18 years old I was raised in Hawaii but I am a military dependent I enjoy scaping and website development so I will be able to take care and manage the clan's site.

So if you're interesting send me a pm

- RSN: Actuvas


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