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[Living Myth] Signature Request


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Type of Graphic: Forum signature.
Size: 606 x 202
Colors: As it is in the picture.
Text: Living Myth
Ok , so here is what i want you guys to do.For the first picture of angel i want my name "Living Myth" above the angel.And for the second angel which is a female i want it right of her.Make sure the font is thin and fancy , but not too fancy.You can also pour in your ideas and give me a completely different signature or edit the photo.Best signature will be awarded in game rs money.
PS. Convert the picture to 606 x 202 first and make sure its in HD tongue.png
http://imgur.com/0WMqDAa - Image 1
http://imgur.com/9hwxBwY - Image 2 

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Do you want us to simply resize those 2 pics and add your name to them? You can even do it in MS Paint.

If you want a custom signature, better find a render, ain't nobody got time for rendering those two.


The Art Bazaar has been dead for years now, ain't nobody got time for that.

And it is against the forum rules to sell stuff here for rs gp.



So I've noticed this thread's regulars all follow similar trends.


RPG is constantly dealing with psycho exes.

Muggi reminds us of the joys of polygamy.

Saq is totally oblivious to how much chicks dig him.

I strike out every other week.

Kalphite wages a war against the friend zone.

Randox pretty much stays rational.

Etc, etc


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