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Hello All,


I am wanting to make Extremes and Overloads on double xp weekend and need to figure out how long it will take.


How many potions can you make in an hour using bank presets and Portable Wells?

Will be stood at Max Guild bank.


Thinking of making 8,000 overloads (48,000 potions?), but at an estimated rate of 1,300/hr that's going to take 37 hours... I'm hoping I'm wrong.

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Extreme ranged and magics are faster since they have a stackable secondary. Make sure you knock out the soul-crushing process of grinding mud runes prior to the weekend! 1300/hr or so seems about right for the overloads though - took me even longer because I was doing it at a portable station and all the people there were lagging my game. I'm not sure if it will make too much impact on speed with a good connection but you can fill a yak with ingredients and withdraw after you mix the first few. It might be worth a try.


I am not sure about Refer A Friend or how that stacks though, sorry.

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The yak method was nerfed, and then it was restored.


So yes, you can make 5 overloads per inventory with a yak :)



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You can now also put extremes in your yak. This way you can make up to 9 ovls/invent. Set empty vials to be destroyed for this to work (misc settings). The progress bar counts for potion in your yak as well.


The same thing applies for extremes with non stackable secondaries, put some extra supers and secondaries in a yak and keep withdrawing.


extra tip: set ur left click familiar option to 'take bob' and drag the familiar icon onto the action bar. Set the hotkey for the actionbar to the same hotkey for your preset ('1' or '2'). If you have a customisable gaming mouse you can set a mousekey to that same hotkey.


Doing this at a decent efficiency:

2900 extremes/h (doesnt matter if secondaries stack or not)

2k+ ovls/h


Refer a friend doubles to 20% on dxpw

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Do you have numbers for pots / secondarys to put in yak / invent?


Do you need to have both in the invent for the portable to recognise you're making that potion or can you have a full invent of potions and yak full of secondaries?

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Saw this a bit late.


You can have a full invent of potions and fill yak with secondaries. But i like to do 20 pots + 8 secondaries, then put 10 herbs in yak and alternate potion/secondary to fill the rest. It may need some tweaking to what u prefer, also remember that u sometimes save secondaries. That's why I would only put 10 herbs in yak at the start.


For ovls u just put 5 of each extreme and 3 torstols. Then start your yak/mammoth with 2 herbs and fill the rest with ovl sets (1 of each extreme+torstol and repeat).

With mammoth you can make 10 ovls/invent instead of 9.


The game recognises the materials in your yak (for make x), but will only make things with materials from your invent. So keep withdrawing.


Ingame name is 'gwn3' for further questions

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