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Skedra's Diary - A Thousand Redberry Pies (ORSR)

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Hi. I'm Skedra. I started playing Runescape back in 2006. I've played many different games, but there's no better online game for when you're a student. I love skilling, questing, and some Castle Wars, and I'm starting anew in Old School Runescape. Also, I worship the Empty Lord, Zaros.


I generally don't aim for levels when I train skills, I prefer aiming for a certain quantity of any given item while trying to make a profit. I also do quests without guides, because it's fun to figure them out.



 Skill goals:


  • Currently getting level 50 in all freeplay skills.
  • Getting a high level in magic



 Questing goals:


  • Currently doing all freeplay quests.
  • Defeating Elvarg with magic spells.



 Item goals:

  • Finished making 50 blue capes - sold for 49750g.
  • Currently smithing 100 bronze axes.
  • Currently working on 1000 redberry pies, will be worth around 700k gold.
  • Considering making 1000 steel bars (and smithing them into axes).



Other recent events:


Hadn't logged in to Runescape in 1397 days!




Got level 29 Smithing from a quest.



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