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Checking in after 10 years offline

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Hello everyone!



The name is Acount_great


Just two weeks ago I finally got ahold of my old account again after some great assistance from the Jagex-support team.



I was a very active F2P player in World 14 mainly from 2003-2006 and also a bit within the PK'ing community. My last guild was Exercitum. I also had alot of "pures", but I can't remember the name of them! :'(



I was wondering if there was any other familiar people around here.

I'm really hoping to get in contact with the former signature maker "Scarlet Elv" and a player named "Steel_Eater".



So there's that. Just chiming in, in hopes of reconnecting with some old friends.




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That's quite a long time - welcome back! I guess since the time of your departure they have moved world 14 and many others over to the dark side...then again I don't think I was even playing back then!


I wish you luck in finding your friends. When the name changes hit several years ago everything went nuts in that regard.

"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?






My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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The PvP in Wilderness was removed, then we had Bounty Hunter, then some sort of Revenant's harassing us, then Wildy came back, now we have Wilderness Warbands & Crucible... A lot has changed in the area of PvP. You missed some good moments, but I think PvP is still decent, at least in OSRS.

In RS3 it's quite unbalanced between the different combat styles; If you're playing as a Legacy vs EoC match (the Legacy being you, that is, you have the disadvantage since you don't have the abilities).


Anyhow, hopefully you can catch up! They recently released a new, some sort of "elite" skill. Haven't done it myself, but I guess it's somewhat useful for PvP too?


Anyhow, if the game itself doesn't work for you, perhaps you will manage to find your old friends, but you can rest assured that at least the Tip.It community can cheer you up! 


Cheers! :)



Do not lose heart, fight for even the smallest hope. Do not give quarter to the forces of evil. Pursuit kindness and embrace love.

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I remember you from a long time ago, a lot has changed in RS and it can be quite overwhelming.


Money is easy to make though and leveling up has eased up even more so I'm sure you'll get back on track quite fast enough.

Some people dream of success, while others make it happen.

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Wow its amazing thing to see someone who is here for more than 10 years! Its really tough to find those old members as now days people dont remain much active here. Anyway nice to meet you and welcome back :)

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