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97-99 runecrafting bonus xp weekend - abyss or runespan?


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I'm likely not actually going to get from 97 all the way to 99, but I'll get a good chunk closer. My question is, efficiency wise, should I use the abyss or runespan? I know the demonic skull bonus xp doesn't carry over, or it's reduced or something. So would runespan be the way to go? or is the abyss still better?


I don't care about the bonus of making money, just want the 99. 


The only other skill I'd be able to do is dung, but you can get tons of xp for that from the daily challenge and sinkholes. I don't care about xp past 99, except for getting 120 dung, and maybe eventually invention. 




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Under normal circumstances, blood rune running via abyss surpasses Runespan by a bit in efficiency. I'm not sure how everything stacks for the double XP weekend, but most likely 2x runespan will be faster experience than rune running through abyss.


If you end up doing runespan, it might be wise if possible to stock up on a lot of essence in there via siphoning off creatures before the weekend. Then (as long as you don't leave the area) you can get straight to it without wasting any time gathering it.  :thumbup:

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