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14th March 2016 - Invention Skilling Update | God Wars Dungeon 2 Community Event

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Invention is back with a bang, and the focus is onskilling. Get out there and discover new ways to augment your fishing and woodcutting tools.


Also this week, get ready for a combat and skilling community event at the entrance of God Wars Dungeon 2. It starts on Thursday so keep your eyes peeled for more details later this week.


Invention: Fishing and Woodcutting | General Improvements


As requested by you, it gives us great pleasure to unleash the beast of Invention onto the world of skilling. First up are Fishing and Woodcutting which have freshly received the inventor’s treatment.


From today’s update you can discover blueprints for a new device - the fishing rod-o-matic - as well as how to make tool gizmos. You can also augment your crystal and dragon hatchets and crystal rods. The crystal or dragon hatchets can also be augmented from your tool belt – speak to Doc in the Invention Guild north-east of Falador for more info.


The possibility of adding perks that will aid (or hinder!) your fishing and woodcutting prowess has also been added. How does an augmented tool that can teleport logs directly to your bank sound? What about a fishing rod that also rewards other players stood in your vicinity? It’s all there to be discovered, so get inventing!


Your newly augmented tools will also gain item XP and equipment levels, just as if they were augmented weapons. They also use significantly less charge than your invention weapons.


Today’s update has also allowed for a few wholesale improvements to Invention, including:


  • Charge drain has been decreased by 10% for everything

  • Invention XP gained by disassembling and siphoning levelled equipment is now scaled to item tier - you get 15% more XP for tier 90 and 15% less for level 70

  • A new device - the Augmentation Dissolver - allows you to remove augmentations from equipment


For a full list of Invention updates, as well as all other things included in this update, see the patch notes.


God Wars Dungeon 2 Community Event | Heart of Gielinor: Encampment


With the discovery of the entrance to God Wars Dungeon 2 under the sands of the Kharidian desert, preparations must now be made to take on the bosses within! Ajjat of the Warriors’ Guild is on the scene. Join him from Thursday to train up some fresh-faced recruits (they need more than a few words of encouragement) and to help make preparations for the battles ahead.


There will be plenty of rewards and XP up for grabs, including some really cool things like animations and unique weapons. This event will run similarly to The Lost Sword of Raddallin, with personal and community goals to achieve for even more unlocks! It will be free to take part and you will be given the necessary items each day to participate. Also, Treasure Hunter will be on hand to provide more ways to boost your progress and go for the biggest rewards.


More details will come later this week, so keep an eye on the news!

This Week's Live Streams


This week, we'll be introducing you to two of the new God Wars Dungeon Bosses, and seeing the return of Good Morning Gielinor!


Each week we stream developer Q&As, in-game events and more. Watch our streams and find a full streaming schedule over on Twitch channel. Check ourYouTube channel for videos of streams you may have missed, including last week’s God Wars Dungeon 2 environment stream.



Tuesday, March 15th | 17:00 Game Time (UTC) | Developer Q&A – God Wars Dungeon 2 – Sliske & Zaros Generals


Last week was all about environments - this time, it's time to get to know your new Sliskean and Zarosian generals, Gregorovic and Vindicta. If you've not seen them already, you can check them out on Twitter.


This is essential viewing for all you PvMers and those interested in March’s headline release! Ask your questions on the forumsReddit, or by using #RSDevQA on Twitter.


  Tuesday, March 15th | 21:00 Game Time (UTC) | Mod Shauny vs God Wars Dungeon!


Mod Shauny is feeling brave and will take on the original God Wars Dungeon – join him for fun, (death), and frolics.


Wednesday, March 16th | 09:30 Game Time (UTC) | Good Morning Gielinor


Join us for March's edition of our morning show. Expect recaps of things you may have missed, another JMod taking on our QBD speed-run challenge, and the best of community content.


Sunday, March 20th | 19:00 Game Time (UTC) | PvM with Mod Lee!


Mod Lee will be hosting some community PvM goodness, live on Twitch.


RS Classic | Open All Year


Due to popular demand, the sign up window for RuneScape Classic will be open for the rest of the year. Please sign up and download the client via the official page. We hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the RuneScape past.


[spoiler=Patch Notes]




  • Sergeant Damien and the Demon Butler models have been reverted due to player feedback.

  • Character models for the 2006 variant of the 15th anniversary emote have been updated.

  • Players can no longer break the Hefin Agility Course animations by eating food.




  • Shields now identify correctly as shields rather than as armour when being disassembled.

  • The augmented abyssal vine whip will now drain charges correctly as a level 75 weapon.

  • The augmented enhanced Excalibur will now drain charges correctly as a level 70 weapon.


Skills, D&Ds & Minigames



  • The scrimshaw of log-splitting no longer stacks with crystallise.

  • Fishing with a net no longer resets the animation periodically.

  • Fixed a spelling error when extending the duration of a portable skilling station.

  • Slightly reworked the UI when extending the duration of a portable skilling station to be more in-line with the current UI style.

  • Treasure Hunter Key tokens are no longer removed from the player when leaving a floor in Dungeoneering.

  • Players can now complete an elite clue scroll in the Heart of Gielinor area.

  • Co-op slayer tasks no longer confuse boss kill timers for Legios when solo killing the bosses.

  • Players can no longer attempt to jump onto the serenity posts while outside of the Hefin clan area.


Quests, Challenges and Achievements



  • Corrected a couple of typos in the Tales of the God Wars.

  • Fixed a typo in the World Wakes quest.

  • Fixed the lower case 'i' in the History of Iban book name.





  • Ancient, dusty and weathered Tarddian journals have been added to the Master Quest Cape requirements.

  • Players with 2 copies of the Dwarven Instinct aura will now have their second aura removed if they activate the aura.

  • Players will no longer be told they receive curly roots when cutting straight jade roots with an inferno adze.

  • K'ril Tsutsaroth no longer stays enraged when respawning.

  • Legendary pets can no longer scavenge Ascension Order journal pages.

  • Fixed Dungeoneering mauls to include the level requirement on their tooltips.

  • It is no longer possible to take Wine of Zamorak without getting attacked by using the area looting system.

  • Attempting to swap ammo in the Tirannwn quiver with a full inventory will no longer drop the previous contents on the floor without warning.


Ninja Fixes



  • Increased the maximum amount of Bolas made at one time from 10 to 60.

  • Barrows amulets have had their buy limit increased from 10 to 100.

  • Increased Grand Exchange buy limit of Divination energies from 5,000 to 25,000.

  • Added a quick chat message which states the player's Agility, Thieving, Slayer, Firemaking & Invention levels in one message.

  • The message displayed in the chatbox when achieving 10 million and Level 120 XP milestones will now specify which skill the message refers to.

  • Rebalanced a number of low-Level Agility courses to reduce failure rates and improve XP rates:


    • Reduced the failure rates at the Ape Atoll Agility Course to make it a more viable course for lower levels.

    • Agility Pyramid failure rates have been reduced for all obstacles. The bonus from completing the Medium Desert Tasks has also been increased to compensate.

    • Increased the XP for completing a lap of the Agility Pyramid from 300 to 500.

    • Greatly reduced the failure rates on the Penguin Agility course.

    • Increased each obstacle's XP on the Penguin Agility course to represent the amount of time required to complete.

    • Increased each obstacle's XP on the Barbarian Outpost Agility Course to better represent the level requirements.

    • Completing a round of Werewolf Skullball in under 3 minutes now awards 900 XP, up from 750.

    • Completing a round of Werewolf Skullball in over 3 minutes now always awards 750 XP, instead of a sliding scale of reduced XP.







Gotta Catch 'Em All!


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