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TMHT March 2016
Event day #3

This event day may still be a little scary; We will be wandering in the catacombs of Morytania... I want to introduce you the Barrows Brothers, and I think they are eager to meet you as well.  :mrgreen: 

After dwelling in the dark dungeons, we are going to the desert to get some sun.  :shades: And visit the old Kalphite Queen.

So, these are the schedule plans for our third event day. Feel free to join all of them if you like.
Time and Date
  • Date: Saturday, 26th March 2016
  • Time: 16:00/4PM GMT (UK Time) (In-game time).
Other Time Zones:

  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 16:00/4PM Saturday, 26th March 2016
  • CET (Central European Time): 17:00/5PM 16:00/4PM Saturday, 26th March 2016
  • ACT (Australia Central Time): 01:00/1AM Sunday, 27th March 2016
  • PST (US & Canada Pacific Standard Time): 09:00/9AM 16:00/4PM Saturday, 26th March 2016
  • MST (US & Canada Mountain Standard Time): 10:00/10AM 16:00/4PM Saturday, 26th March 2016
  • CST (US & Canada Central Standard Time): 11:00/11AM 16:00/4PM Saturday, 26th March 2016
  • EST (US & Canada Eastern Standard Time): 12:00/12AM 16:00/4PM Saturday, 26th March 2016



Friend Chat


Comeback, you need to type in Hokuspokus (the FC's creator) to join.



16:00/4PM GMT (UK Time) (In-game time):


-Barrows Brothers guidance; Give it a try if you've never been running Barrows runs, but interested in doing it.

-This is personal combat, which means this can't be completed in teams, however it's possible to assist others by giving information & tips.

-This is rated as a high-risk area. So don't bring anything that you aren't willing to lose. However I presume you can claim your items from Death for a relatively small fee, so you wont lose them.

-Note that you must have completed Priest in Peril & Nature Spirit quests, in order to access this minigame.

-Be aware that you can't use familiars in the catacombs.
-Please make sure to take a look at our Barrows guide. It provides a lot of useful information & suggestions.
-We will meet at the ol' good Canifis Pub. Can't get enough of their delicious, pickled brains-delicacy.  :wub:
18:00/6PM GMT (UK Time) (In-game time):

-Kalphite Queen.

-There are no requirements to enter the queen's lair, but I suggest you have a minimal combat level of 70 and minimal level 60-70 armour.
-Take a loot at our guide, even if it's a "little" out-dated, the same boss mechanics apply even till today.
-As usual, this is a high risk area. So don't bring anything you aren't willing to lose. It's pretty rare these days to fail at KQ though, so I don't think it's going to be a problem, but still be careful.
Anyone is welcome, so feel free to pop by for some fun in Morytania and/or in the Kharidian desert!   :)
PS. Remember to check your clocks! Spring is nearby and not sure when they are going to move the time by +1. 
This will be the last event I'll be hosting this month. Hopefully there was something interesting there for you. Have fun & good luck!  |^_^|



Do not lose heart, fight for even the smallest hope. Do not give quarter to the forces of evil. Pursuit kindness and embrace love.

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