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[PVM] I'm lost, Idk what should be my goal? Armor/Weapon suggestion pls.

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   This is the farthest I ever got in OSRS. Back then in 07, I was a f2p and it's my first time trying out p2p Pvm. After grinding for the fighter torso, I have no clue what armor/weapon/skill I should aim to get. Can I get some advices on what armor, weapon, and bosses I should set as my goal. Thank you! 


Here is some info on my account: 


Skills: 61att, 69str, 60def, 47rang, 45prayer, and 66magic


Armor: Helm of Neitiznot, Fighter Torso, Dragon Platelegs, Dragon boots, Combat bracelet, Rune Kiteshield, Dragon Scim, and Obsidian cape.

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