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No recent boss monster guides on tipit?

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Hi everybody,


Are there any new boss monster guides planned to appear on the tipit website?

I ask this because many recent boss monsters are not in the 'monster hunting page'-list.


For example KK, Rune dragons, Vorago, the Mazcab raids, Arraxxi, and many others

In my opinion this is unfortunate since the only guides I could find were video guides on yt, and to have a guide that you could read has still many advantages.


like:  sometimes you just want to read on one tip or subpart of the guide and it is much easier to find in a text than in a video


I'm not a PvM hunter myself really (I never even killed Jad and I'm a veteran player since 2005, :)), so sadly I can't help you guys.

But I still would like Tipit to be as complete as possible to stay up to date with all the new tactics/strategies of killing them.


Any feedback is welcome!

See you!


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I could jot down an extensive text guide for all of the bosses, but without images to go along with it many people will not read it.



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Thanks for your post :). I've moved your thread to Website Corrections & Updates where it is better suited.


You are indeed right, we do not really have guides for higher level PvM stuff. This is in large part because, to the best of my knowledge, most of us (Tip.It Crew) do not kill these bosses, as most require top tier gear and a large, well-coordinated team.


Something like strategy for rune dragons or GWD2 bosses should be more manageable though, and might be something we could look into.

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Another problem with high level bosses is that the way people kill them are constantly changing. A Vorago guide written 6 months ago wouldn't even include onslaught, augmented weapons/gear , etc.



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