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Ruby Aurora vs Blood Blitz*

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*I am using Nox Staff but for some reason my ability damage caps at Blood Blitz instead of Barrage.


If I am fighting something with a lot of HP (current example - GWD2 bosses, 200k HP) which one is better ?


With my current setup:

Blood Blitz - 1982 ability damage.

Ruby Aurora - 1965 ability damage.


No idea how often the Ruby activates, how long it lasts and how it stacks but if it's simple multiplicative:

1965*1.03 = 2024 damage at max stacks.


It's somewhat cheaper too.


Nevermind. I totally forgot that the Aurora doesn't buff you, only your allies.


Out of curiosity, what would be the effect if you put Ruby Aurora on your mainhand and Emerald Aurora on your offhand ?

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AFIK, those spells only work for auto attacks.


So they are entirely useless.



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