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Faster Slayer xp


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Hello all,


Anyone have any tips for getting fast slayer xp?


For example: Use VIP tickets, skip blah blah and make sure you use blah for blah.


I am in the midst of making a load of supreme overload salves and will be using them for slayer (overkill I know). I have T90's (nox set and drygores) and augmented nex sets with the obvious dps perks. Genocidal on them too.


Still think my xp/hr is slow though, so looking for tips that may help.


Taa :)


Edit: Weps are augmented with perks too. One off-hand drygore with Demon Slayer on to use with DL.


Edit2: I don't know exactly my xp/hr but I am always disappointed after an evening slaying and seeing a dismal amount of xp on RuneClan.

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Slayer is, unfortunately, a slower skill to train. In terms of your gear setup, you've got mor ethan you need with the nex sets (power armor) and T90s. You're also more than set with Supreme Ovl Salves. Make sure you're using nex boots/gloves as well, for that extra damage boost, and the Sharpshooter/Runic Accuracy/Brawler Auras increase your accuracy, speeding up kills/XP per hour, if you don't already have them. Also, using Torment/Angiush/Turmoil is a good idea to increase damage. Finally, check out the link below for preferred tasks.




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The only tasks I can think of that do not have 100% accurracy are nihil (if you dont kill the ones weak to your style), kal'geron demons, chaos giants, crystal shapeshifters, and lava strykewyrms (but you don't do those).


T90 gloves are better than nex hands down, however they cost a lot more.. so I tend to not use them at all.


One thing you might want to invest in is weapon poison. Most of the mobs with higher lp can take poison damage, which is quite significant.



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