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the impact of the game on your life


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Hi guys! 
My name is Andrew and im a student at th KC university

Im making my research on gamers addiction )
All of you seems to be a great fans of this game
Do you mind to share your thoughts on how the game changed your life?

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Hi Andrew, I quit the game years ago but I don't mind sharing my thoughts.

* Made some great friends

* Helped me through my teenage years and into my early adult life

* Gave my life order and structure

* Helped me plan my goals, and money handling skills for life such as saving for items

* Made me a better thinker and analyst

* Helped me better socially, developed a sense of humour, trusting relationships and found myself as a person as a result of the game


* Got in the way of my studies in a lot of cases

* Hindered my real-world development

* Always ended up playing more then I should have allocated to the game

* Placed it over more-important real life tasks


I'd recommend supplementing your study with this Ted-Talks:




There's tangible benefits with gaming and he talks about Generation-G, I do think RuneScape made me better as a person.

I do think there's a correlation as he speaks about in that video too. there's a lot I could write here for your study about how I maybe evolved over the years but then you have quantitative research and not qualitative and I'm not sure which approach you are condoning in your study.

Best of luck!

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