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[OSRS] Oldschool Runescape Handy Factsheet


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The Oldschool RuneScape Handy Factsheet, or OSRHF for short, is a work in progress. The pastebin link contains a link to a scribd page to view the content online if you do not wish to download the file to your computer. Scribd has ruined the already crap formatting though, so bear that in mind.

In the end, this will be an invaluable tool to newbies and veteran players. Version 1.0 will be released as an ebook type thing and will contain a massive amount of content compared to what you're seeing now.

Things I plan to implement are money making guides that will update with GE prices, FAQ's, handy information such as the closest x to y or how many w's you can x in y amount of time with z level.


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I skimmed it, it looks nice.. but people will not click on a link in a pastebin.. Consider putting it raw in pastebin

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Moved to correct subforum.

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My bad for the wrong forum section.


Thanks Wkw, it is far from complete. I was going to put it in raw but there would have been no formatting, although Scribd had ruined it already so I suppose I might as well.

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