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back after a 3 month break and busy upgrading all my gear.


couple questions i have for invention. Are there any lists yet about which items have the highest chance of giving certain components? like gems and daggers both give light components but i get fewer lights from gems then daggers. or is it just same chance for getting any component? Wiki has info about all components that all items give but not on there rarity.


and i know that 2 of the same perk do not stack when on the same piece of equipment. But is the same true with the perk on different gear? ie same perk on main hand and off hand weap.


and lastly do perks go off of total stats of the gear your using or just what its attached to. ie percise perk added to an off hand weapon. Does it increase damage of both main and off hand weapon or just increase stats of the off hand.


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While waiting for those invention pros to pass by, the unofficial wiki should have the data, although the research is still ongoing.

But I suppose those rich people would simply spend the money on "rare" components for gizmo shells perks and won't have the problem you get.


Since the materials are mutually exclusive and uncommon components all have around 3% chance, in theory we should get the cheapest item with the least parts that can be break down into.

But practically we will have to use the best money to junk chance buyables.


Not sure about the item for light components, since light components are generally not really useful for anything.


For dual wields, perks go for both items, except efficient (reduce drain rate) and enlightened (increase item xp), but since each one hand item only got 1 gizmo slot to use, you will be most likely installing efficient in both hands anyway...

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