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Kane Hart

Kane Hart's 100% Brand New Player Youtube Let's Play and Twitch Stream! (Daily Videos/Stream)

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Hello friends. My name is Kane Hart and I found the site via Jagex Forums!


I started Playing RuneScape 5 Days ago as a 31 year old not having played RuneScape ever in my entire life or owning an account. I ended up asking some questions on reddit and then things blew up with the friendly community. I was beyond amazed how nice people were.


So I thought I share my Videos and my Stream. Before I do this I want to tell you my goals.



Youtube Series Playlist:


Twitch Stream:



Remember I'm new to the game. I also decided any Gold/Bond Gifts that are given will be used for Membership Only. 

I plan on staying F2P for a few days and work on doing all F2P quests and learning more of the game before moving onto Membership.


I don't live a very good RL money wise so I plan on supporting it all via in game gold :)


Thank you for letting me share this with you guys and girls.



Kane Hart

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