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While Guthix Sleeps - addition notes


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I've noticed that the While Guthix Sleeps quest guide didn't mention the Ouroboros pouch reward item from Temple Trekking, but I have it and it's set to my toolbelt while I was working on this quest. It seems the Ouroboros does have an interesting affect on the quest, and you guys can try it out to verify this, but if you have the Ouroboros on you like I do when you're in the Chasm of Tears temple with the spirit druids, the 6 Druid Pouches you find will have infinite uses drawing its charges from the Ouroboros instead, meaning you'll have no need to cast bloom even once. Because of this I felt like going ahead and releasing every single Druid Spirit in the temple.


Verify it if you wish, but I believe it's a simple replication process.

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