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Has anything major changed since I left in late 2015?

Blaze The Movie Fan

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I am returning to playing RuneScape, since I miss the game and wanna play it again. In January or February, not sure when. And don't worry none of the incident that happened in 2015 will happen again since I now realize how bad my behavior was. In fact I even mentioned it in my dumbest blaze the movie fan moments of 2015 video.


Anyway, when I return to the game, I will mostly be doing what I have always done, pickpocket knights and kill monsters. Since I personally find that to be fun. But is anything major that has affect on either of that changed to a massive extent? I want to return to the game totally ready.

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There is a spell Crystal Mask from the quest The Light Within that helps with Thieving, in that it reduces your chances of getting caught. I'm not sure if that was shortly before you left or not. With regards to combat there was a God Wars Dungeon 2 update over the summer which introduced a bunch of new weapons and armor, but how much of that you find useful depends on your budget and the kind of monster you want to kill.

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