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I think this is where I'm stopping, with 6.7m exp.

Gonna buy maple logs for the rest, because I can just casually do that at my own pace without having to worry about membership, and I can buy the cape the next time I renew my membership.

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I just finished spinning 11,884 flax on my F2P alt. Got me 50-60 Crafting, and I still have 30k flax left in the bank to get from 60 to 70.


Made me 7.3m so far which is nice. Bowstring prices seem a tiny bit unstable right now but it doesn't look like the prices are crashing (in fact the stack I sold just now went for at least 30gp more than the ones I sold this morning), so I can probably expect 27m total profit in the end. That should even be enough money to pay for both 99 Firemaking and 99 Cooking.


Not too bad for 1.2m worth of Flax, and like a week or two of spinning flax tops. Knock out like four goals at once.

I'm going for 70+ all skills, with 99 Cooking/Firemaking, and eventually 99 Fishing + Woodcutting as well. It's not much, but it seems pretty good to me and I'll be satisfied with that. Probably stop there then and then just do stuff casually without really going for higher stats.


(tfw they'll probably never make skillcapes available to F2P.)

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Spoke too soon lol, Bowstrings are really tumbling down the nearest set of stairs right now. Took a few days before bots really started appearing for it (though I've seen a few other legit players too.)


ins 617 each last night, 478 each right now. Good thing I went through most of my flax already.

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Cool, I don't have to look like a bot anymore. I'm free!




(50-70 Crafting through Bowstrings if anyone wasn't following.)

Would be decent F2P money if it weren't for the bots. Bowstrings ins 352gp now.

Worth it just for the profitable AFK Crafting exp and all the charity tokens tbh. 91.4k Dungeoneering tokens at Lv. 47 is nuts.

Just in time for the end of the charity event, too. 13 minutes left on timer.


Not sure what I want to do next now. I guess maybe Magic training.

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