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I can't change my old e-mail on RuneScape account


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Ok so my e-mail address linked to my RuneScape account is my old University e-mail. I haven't been in University for over a year now so I no longer have access to that e-mail. I have tried to leave appeal for 7 times now to prove that I'm the rightful owner of the account but it always comes back denied. For some reason JAG decided this week that it no longer recognizes me, which lead to this problem and me to realise I can no longer access my old University e-mail. I had about year long break from playing and wanted to see how RuneScape is doing nowadays.


Full list of things I have submitted now:
- Answer to 5 security questions
- Atleast 3 old passwords
- My full contact information
- Exact payment details I've checked from PayPal, including exact invoice ID and date
- Account creation location and ZIP code with the payment
- Account creation year (can't remember exact month)
- My phone number
- My old e-mail address that I can't log in to
- My ISP from last 3-4 years, I don't know what it was before that
- Full name history of account with 5 name changes on past 5 years
- Last 4 digits of my debit Visa card
- Linked my account to Facebook and Google
- Name of the person who paid my membership back in 2006-2007
- Months when I have last logged in


I have submitted all of those things, but still it comes back as denied. I know I'm the rightful owner of the account but there is no way to give "better proof".

Any ideas?


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Try tweeting @JagexInfinity or @JagexSupport, even if you provide a lot of info in the "Other info" box like what you've listed above, I can pretty much guarantee they don't actually read appeals and either the automated system gets it (in which case the extra info doesn't help), or some CS mod just skims over it or something and doesn't actually bother to verify the info you put in Other info.


If you poke them there though then that may prompt someone competent to actually go back and read your appeal, and actually verify the info.


Had that problem with my F2P pure, I had access to it and everything, never got compromised, didn't forget password, but the e-mail on it was an older e-mail that I have since deleted. All my appeal attempts were systematically denied even though I 100% had the right recoveries, creation date/address, paypal email/transaction IDs (from FunOrb membership.)

I did that and the email associated with that account got cleared like half an hour after I sent those tweets (though I did DM Shauny on Twitter about it before trying to tweet Infinity, told me he couldn't really help with that and to tweet Infinity or CS, but maybe he ended up passing it on anyway :P), so all I had to do was set a new one in my account settings. Though in your case you'd hope that they'll just directly set it to the email provided in your appeal, though if you remember your password I'm pretty sure JAG doesn't block accessing account settings, so you'd be able to set a new email there too if they deleted the email from your account.

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