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Hello Tip.it community! I'm Aegis V! I've been playing Runescape on and off since 2008 and just recently got my Original Account back that I created in 2008.


Runescape has always been the game I go to when I'm bored of everything else. When this happens I get hooked on it again and play it for a few months non-stop.


When did you start playing Runescape and how did you find it?

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Around classic. And RS2 are my earliest memories. My dad played RS and I was just a kid back then. I got excited of the game so I played with my dad, sometimes on my own with his character. Then some years later, in 2004 I was experienced enough to play the game on my own, so I made my very first character (little did I know that I was destined to create 30 different characters afterwards). Was still a kid, but I could understand the English language better.


After my dad stopped playing, I kept playing on his character, since I didn't want to lose the memory of me playing with my dad. After a while I realized it would become my "main" character to play.


Played for a very long time straight., but I took a year break after EoC, then played until 2016 March or so and now I'm on a break again. Hoping to return once I get my life in order.


Anyhow, enough about me. Welcome to the forums Aegis V! Hopefully you enjoy your stay.  |^_^|



Do not lose heart, fight for even the smallest hope. Do not give quarter to the forces of evil. Pursuit kindness and embrace love.

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Hey there!


I started playing runescape around the same time that you did! My brother showed me the game, and I was hooked! I also played it on and off since then. I've been on it pretty consistently lately though. :)

Lamchopi  :wub:  



"Love the life you live, live the life you love" - Bob Marley


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