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The Pleb

The new local pleb is saying hi!

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Hey everyone!


My name is Jay. However, you can call me The Pleb. Before you ask, yes, I'm a pleb. I'm a noob. I'm the noobiest of plebs! And i have no idea why but I take pride in that.


I've played RS for over 11 years, and between then, and now, I've only gotten 1 99, and level 83 combat as my highest. I know a lot of you are shaking your head at me. Oh well! I'm a pleb!


I'm trying to get ahead on OSRS so i can be not so much of a pleb, but, still be a pleb, if ya get what im saying.


I'll be around on the forums, plebbing it out, asking noob questions like "how do i do firecape?" 


Hope to see you all around! maybe play with some of ya!


But no, seriously, how tf do i do firecape. i always die.

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Welcome to the forums! Legend has it the secret is to press this key combination if you are about to die, and it will revive you: Alt + F4...*


*In rare cases it might close the game window instead.

"Fight for what you believe in, and believe in what you're fighting for." Can games be art?






My blog here if you want to check out my Times articles and other writings! I always appreciate comments/feedback.

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