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Swiftkit not working.

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Just tries pulling up and always says its not responding.

Here is debug

[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Starting up...
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Starting up...launcher version is 1.65.29
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] App data folder path is C:\ProgramData\SwiftKit
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Checking folder structure
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Attempt to set browser emulation
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Check if drive is NTFS
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Drive is NTFS so set required permisions
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Finished setting permissions
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Starting cleanup
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Variables set
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Delete all temp files
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Delete all temp folders
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] exiting cleanup temp data
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Finished cleaning up temp data
[7/24/2017 6:41:38 AM] Initialize finished

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