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Hey guys,

Myarah here - I'm new to Tip.It forums, but not the site itself. Which is weird, because I've always had a love for Forums of all types... Anyway, I've been playing RuneScape on & off for about 13 or so years. I lost my original account a few years back though. I've just started a new account the other day and I am keeping an update log via Twitter - well I'm trying to anyway. I know a lot of people don't use forums much anymore, but I do. I'll probably constantly be on here replying to something or another (but not in a spam-everything way haha)


I'm also looking for a clan to join in-game, a friend of mine donated a bond to me until I can buy membership on payday so I AM a member. I'm just a newbie member! Feel free to message me in-game, I'd love to make some friends to hang out with while on my new RuneScape journey!




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If you're gonna be keeping an update log via Twitter, I think you should make a thread on the BlogScape section too. It may get more visibility there and also you wouldn't be limited by 140 characters. :p


Can't help with clans 'cause I don't bother with those myself, but GL with the membership, and hopefully you enjoy it as much as you did back in the days heh.

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