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Merlin's Crystal

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Catherby has been updated (as I'm sure you know) - therefore the Insect repellent has been moved.



  • 4: Black Candle:
    Go to the house north of Catherby's bank and get some insect repellent. Go west to the beehives (east of flax field) and pick up the bucket spawn there. Use the insect repellent on one of the beehives. Then choose "Take from", and your bucket should fill with wax. Take this back to the candle maker in Catherby and get him to make the black candle. Use a tinderbox on it to light the candle.

The part that is bold & underlined should now be "Go to the house South-East of the Ranged shop and get some insect repellent."


That's all I've found for this quest though.


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Thanks! I've fixed it up in the quest guide and credited you.

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