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Call of the Ancestors

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Trial #2


  1. Control Lunch and headbutt the cracked wall to the west.
  2. Control Peck and squeeze through the small gap in the wall and pull the lever.
  3. Control Tunks and step onto the pressure plate to the north-east.
  4. Control Lunch and step on one of the two pressure plates to the north.
  5. Control Peck and squeeze him through the small gap in the west wall to the north.
  6. Control Tunks and jump over the chasm to the west and then the chasm to the north and step on the other pressure plate.
  7. Control Peck and pull the level to lower the pillars blocking the Magic.
  8. Squeeze Peck back out through the small gap and investigate the magic to the north to complete the second trial.

#3 should be south-east not north-east.


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