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Hi... Advice needed.

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I am an old player returning after about 3/4 years not playing properly, then about another 3 before that...    :0


The game has changed a lot since I stopped playing and I have been doing some 'light' skilling over the past 4 days just getting the hang of the UI again.


If anybody is part of an active & social clan, I would appreciate it if you could get me involved as it is always easier to get back in to a game with a group of players who are actively playing and clued up.


I would post on the RS forums, but I used to use this site a lot and it still seems active so thought I would give it a shot.




Luke.   :)

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Hi Luke.


While I don't play anywhere near as much as I used to, a number of my friends hang out in my friends chat channel ("Blyaunte"). They are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch and are quite open and welcoming to newcomers within the clan chat.


It's not a "clan" but there's usually 10+ people in the chat most evenings.


I'm usually on most evenings between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM EST. The usual suspects (Marux, Juan, Jarex, Mosie, Takoda and Fluffy) arrive in the chat by 9:00 PM EST.


I only have two rules:


1. No personal information asked or given (i.e. don't use the chat to exchange IRL information such as phone numbers, real names, etc.); and

(b) No drama.


You're welcome to join in and participate. If you have questions or need information about the game, they are always willing to provide help. 


Best to you,




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