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How exactly does bonus xp work?

Eyrelex II

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So i just noticed while i was training that under prayer i apparently have 5213 bonus xp and i'm assuming it's related to the xp items i've been getting from treasure hunter since i've only used those items for prayer like i've always done with any xp granting items. I've tried googling and reading up on this but i'm still kinda confused on how exactly bonus xp works but from what i understand this bonus xp isn't actually part of my current xp total yet and has to be redeemed before it gets added to my actual xp, is that true?


Also since i'm f2p i can't redeem this bonus xp until there is a double xp event? So basically this bonus xp will keep accumulating until i can redeem it and then it will get added to my current xp total?


And one last question, how do i redeem this bonus xp when the chance arises? Will it just automatically be added to my current xp total when a double xp event happens?

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F2P cannot use bonus xp at all, double xp weekend is a completely different thing to bonus xp.


The way it works when you are P2P is you use 1 bonus xp for every 1 xp you gain in that skill - ie gain 1 prayer xp and it'll use 1 bonus xp giving you 2 xp total for whatver you did.

F2P can accumulate bonus xp, but cannot use it.


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That's contrary to what i've read on other sources (official runescape forums, reddit, wikia). This was from the official forums "F2P accounts can only use their bonus XP up while DXP is active, Members can use them at any point." I just can't find anywhere that says how its actually used...

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It will get used just from training that skill. You should be getting double the normal amount of exp for that action and it will deduct the base amount of exp from your total bonus XP.


But yeah as F2P you would have to wait until bonus exp weekends happen before you are able to use any stored BXP.

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Yes to the best of my knowledge you can used your stored XP as a free player during double XP weekend. Jagex also claimed they would be fixing that so it would no longer be possible, but as of yet it doesn't appear to have happened.

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