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im thinking of making a new game (java) but im not starting coz i got no ideas. it will be like runescape but i dont know what it will be based on eg future, western,space,medievil.








just tell me the ideal game that u would play




















-anything u want












Thanks guys nd girls

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Unless you're really experienced, don't set yourself up to try and do something as big as RuneScape, you'll just get let down when it doesn't turn out like you like it..








Try to come up with something really new. That's part of why RuneScape did and does so well, it's the first (as far as I know) viable MMO based completely on Java.

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If it's your first Java project, you will fail. No question.




If you look at the stuff Andrew and Jagex did before Runescape, it's pretty basic stuff. It's to get around the language and things.




Ironically, it's why a lot of bot creators make bots for Runescape in the first place; to test their Java skills.

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Like wyrm said, unless you are realy tallented in Java, you will have a near impossible time.








Also, if it's just you, you won't get something that large.












That being said, I don't know any of your experience, but come up with something unique. I'd try and stay away from the 'norm fight stuff untill you get up to the max level kind of deal.

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Well, u should always be able to train, or raise lvls in a game, that always keeps me going, eg.: the Tekken games never really interested me, as it is just fighting for no reason, but with Rs, FFX, and games like that, I never get tired because u can just keep on training.








My opinion :oops:

99 Slayer since August 2007.

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