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How long does it take to get Novtumberfest tokens?

Eyrelex II

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I guess i'm a week late to the party but i've just started trying out the Novtumberfest activities and so far i've only been able to get 1 beer goggles token from the racetrack activity and i've spent at least a few minutes at all of the activities available to f2p and probably at least about an hour total.


So how long exactly does it take to get all of the tokens?


Are the tokens given randomly? Like you can get any token from doing any activity or are they specific to one activity (ie. You can only get beer goggles tokens from the racetrack)?


On a side note i can't say i'm a fan of this kind of holiday event i much prefer the old ones where you just go in do the event get the item and get on with your life. Hopefully all holiday events aren't like this nowadays...

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It's all RNG. I've seen someone claim they got 3 within 20 minutes while I hadn't gotten any for a whole day. With only one hour spent there you'd have been very lucky to get more than one. :p


They aren't activity-specific, but everything should be able to grant them. Just keep in mind the system can give duplicates.


At this point in the event most of the tokens are dirt cheap, you may be better off just buying them off the G.E.

Some like the pets, outfit and walk override are still a few millions and might be worth trying to get by yourself, but the others probably won't set you back more than 50k-100k each.

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After spending a lot of time barrel making and glass blowing and not getting anything i decided to go back to the racetrack and started getting tokens relatively consistently so i can pretty confidently say racetrack has much better frop rates for tokens.

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The ice track is definitely the way to go I spent a whole day at the weekend (like 6-8 hours) semi-afking the dancing tables and got 1 token.

I spent the other day semi-afking the race track (like 4-6 hours) and came away with about 15 tokens.


Also to Ammako's point tokens are all over the shop for this one cost wise, several are still going up in GE value rather than down due to the rarity since a lot of people have yet to realise that whilst the tokens are insanely rare from most of the event the race track spews them out in bucket loads.


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