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OSRS - New to P2P, where should i start?

Eyrelex II

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So i'm starting a completely new account on members fresh off tutorial island (no stats or quests done) to see what the experience is like starting from scratch on p2p and i've never been a member before. Can i get some advice on how i should start like:

-skills i should start training first?

-quests that would be good to do?

-money making tips? I'm hoping to make enough to buy a few bonds during the 2 weeks i have so this is especially important.

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This might not be the most efficient, but you could start by getting to 50 Firemaking and heading to Wintertodt.


Doing it at Lv. 3 with 10HP may well be the most efficient way to do it, and you'll get your first 99 that way.


You should be able to easily maintain membership through bonds during the time you do Wintertodt, depending on how much time you play every day at least. It should hopefully leave you with plenty extra to buy another bond or so, so that you have that extra buffer once you leave to train other skills/do quests/etc.


Just keep in mind that the loot you get from Wintertodt supply crates is somewhat dependent on your levels in other skills, so you can't expect to make as much as other people are getting who are higher levels, but you should still get plenty.

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In addition to the above, I find it is very useful for obtaining resources which you can use on other skills while training them. As Wintertod damage scales to the persons hitpoints level, it is more efficent to do it when you are a low level/hitpoint level compared to being a higher level. You can sell the loot as well for gp flow if you need for starting out.


Hunting red chins are also good for cash flow if your able to find an open spot, running nats, woodcutting/fletching yew logs..or slayer.


If you are looking to get easy levels in general first hand, then I would recommend doing quests for the rewards and new areas. :)

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