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Examine Text: A servant of the Duke of Lumbridge.

Race: Human

Members: No


Quests: The Lost Tribe

Location: Patrolling Lumbridge castle courtyard


Notes: The 5 year, 10 year, and 15 year Veteran capes may be purchased from Hans, providing that the requirements are met for each cape. If the requirements are not met however, Hans will state how much time is remaining before the player can purchase a Vereran cape. Each cape is sold together with a hood that corresponds to each Veteran cape.


The 5 year Veteran cape may be purchased for 50,000 coins.

The 10 year Veteran cape may be purchased for 100, 000 coins.

The 15 year Veteran cape may be purchased for 150,000 coins.


Treasure Trials: Hans is featured in an anagram clue along with a cryptic clue, which both have Snah in it


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