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Death ofChivalry -can NOT kill Dawn

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 Im having trouble trying to Kill Dawn - the witch or what she is.

My stats are

 attack = 50

Strength = 50

Defence = 53

Ranged = 20


my armour = Rune armour - but Dawn still kills me in 2 hits -even with Protect from Magic selected. is there any easier way to kill her ?


I been stuck on this quest for a Long time.


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A large portion of surviving Dawn involves keeping your distance and running away. ie Melee bad.


Dawn also attacks using magic. Melee armour is weak to magic. ie Melee bad.


So basically you need to get between non-melee stats and take her down that way.


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I had this same problem, took me HOURS to kill her and I was insistent on using my Adamant warhammer :D

As I'm sure you realised, by like the 3rd or 5th attempt, you vs dawn and the skeleton brothers at their weakest.

So now we need tactics, you've got the best armour and weapons and maybe something like a strength potion?


We've preset our quick prayer so we've got rapid heal, Incredible reflexes and protect from magic ready to go.


Then we're going to enter the hall, she's going to do her circle blast which you immediately dodge by running to attack her, turn on quick prayer and make sure to use your melee and defence abilities.

When the skeletons are called, hide behind one of the pillars (so Dawn can't hit you) and this will cause the skeletons to form an individual line to attack you, so you won't suffer multiple wounds from enemies you can't attack yet, just a patient line of skeletons, for the future waves, do the exact same thing.

Make sure to pray as needed to recharge your prayer points, it's worth coping a hit or two to do it (But not from the purple circle ball attack, avoid that at all costs).

Using this method, you should get it within an hour no sweat!

Topahoo x

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