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I made a video on my top 5 Runescape glitches


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1: Get rid of that intro


2: If you haven't included it in your first video, and if you can find footage of it, there was the glitch on World 9 back in 2009 where blocking on the walls in the gate in front of Lumbridge castle wasn't there, and you could just walk right out to anywhere you wanted. You were still on second floor, so you were floating up in the air and no-one could see you unless they were also there.


There was another similar glitch when they released NIS and the Battle of Lumbridge, you could walk through a wall somewhere on the second floor of a building (internet says Heroes' Guild, but I remember differently) and you could do the same thing as on the World 9 glitch. I remember people dropped third-age and other expensive discontinued rares on the ground above the G.E. to mess with people, but if you were smart enough and quick enough with Telegrab, you could go through that wall yourself and run up to the G.E., and telegrab yourself some nice loot if they weren't paying attention. ;)


Also, the leap second bug on June 30 2012, that caused all the servers to crash and stay down for hours. A lot of people swarmed over to RS Classic because those servers hadn't crashed, but every other Jagex servers were down for a while.

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