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minigames do NOT work & Stupid- The great Orb Project


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I notice in All of the Minigames -You are Suppose to play these against Other Players -Who are Never there. This is Not the Only Mini game I noticed this on.

The great Orb Project - is a minigame by where U must go into the wizards tower and use some Wands to Repel & attract green or Yellow Orbs - Problem is the Wizard character tells U - U must wait for another Player to Join this minigame with U - 2nd Problem U wait for Many Days for someone to Join. I give up after waiting 10 minutes. Why does Jagex Not use common sense and decide to make it a Bot - or PNC that U can play against ???? How the Hell can we do the Mini games if No-one ever joins ?

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Yes if only Jagex had done something to combat this like maybe taking all the good GOP rewards and adding them to Runespan?


Or maybe some sort of Minigame spotlight system that cycles between the various game causing each in turn to get players there!


Operation Gold Sparkles :: Chompy Kills ::  Full Profound :: Champions :: Barbarian Notes :: Champions Tackle Box :: MA Rewards

Dragonkin Journals :: Ports Stories :: Elder Chronicles :: Boss Slayer :: Penance King :: Kal'gerion Titles :: Gold Statue

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GoP is on Spotlight right now, but when it isn't, it can take up to a month before it gets on spotlight again.


At least there's isn't really anything that requires playing any of these minigames anymore, I don't think... at least not since they added Blood tabs to Runespan store.

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