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Wrongfully Banned..Macroing?


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Hello all,


I am new to these forums. I play OSRS intermittently with my friends over the years. I went to login and noticed my account was banned for "macroing" I dont even know what this is?


I appealed my ban, but is there anymore I can do? Any help would greatly appreciated and I would like to remain on my account.

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If the words you speak are true, you have but only one choice, and it's not one taken lightly.  You'll need to take your computer, in its' current state, and storm into Jagex HQ.  You'll have to demand to speak with the Lead Staff of RuneScape, the Community Management, and anyone else involved in handling of bans & appeals.  Do not alter it in any way from its' current state, so you can show them very perfectly that you were not Macroing.  This will be the only way in which you can get your account protected from this happening again in your lifetime. :(


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I had the same. Hadn't played in a year or so and went to log in a few weeks ago and I had been banned for apparently botting. The time period they believed I was botting I wasn't even playing rs. So I went through the appeal process and had my account back in like a week.

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