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Master clue scroll, is it worth it?

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So I got a master clue scroll for the first time, and here is what it says.

"Blow a Raspberry at the celesital dragons on Dragontooth Isle. Beware of double agents!

Equip a dragon mask, a dragon rider amulet and a dragon defender."


One of these is very expensive, and two of them require me to do a lot of stuff. Is it worth it? If the rewards are worth less than what I have to pay to get these, I won't do it as it's not worth it.

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You're right that getting a dragon mask is kind of expensive on the scale of things - and it's often not to easy to sell back without taking a loss. Do you have One of a Kind complete or are you close to it for the dragon rider amulet?


Like all clues, you may get a reward that profits a lot, break even, or lose money if you get unlucky and roll junk. I would caution against going for it with the hope of getting a lot of loot though, as it's not guaranteed.

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You know what? Hell with it, I spent over 4 hours killing cyclops and still only have an iron defender at highest.


It really isn't worth it since I'll most likely get rewards worth less than 500K which is the price I have to pay to get a dragon mask.


So I'm not doing it, since it'd be a waste of time. Thanks for the help.

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