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In the Gower Quest you'll eventually end up in a 'cafe' called "Behind the Scenes".


This cafe-thing is filled with plenty of NPC's. You need to speak to many of them.

And... the cafe-thing has something strange. It's not a standard room with let's

say four walls. It's not a confined place. When you walk far enough to the east e.g.

you end up entering from the west. Or the other way around. Just like earth:

travel long enough in one direction, and you end up where you started.


Because of this, I thought a map of the Behind the Scenes cafe could help questers.



Players should consider the NPC "Spiral Orb" (a giant spider working as a DJ!) the center of this cafe for a reference point.




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@Abecedar: Dude, you completely freaking rock!! This will be useful to me as well, I totally forgot about this quest...



"Give me 100 Space Marines, or failing that give me 1000 other troops!" - Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists.

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