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what exact armour for zulrah?

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I have never been a combat person so i have never done bosses and such. I would like to try out zulrah but doesnt really know ANYTHING about armour. I only have 8.8m, would that be enough?


please, please, recommend a full build for me. 


for the magic setup i was thinking about this setup(after watching youtube) 

- ahrims top 
- ahrims robe 
- Occult necklace 
- Seers ring 
- Mystic gloves
- Trident of the seas 
- Malediction ward
however that would cost me 10m so i would need 1m more but then what about range? remove Malediction ward and use full void + blowpipe?

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I haven't played OSRS in a while, but I always just used ahrims + void ranged. 


You'll also want to use a ring of recoil probably, unless they changed the way snakes work.



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Swap out malediction ward for book of darkness if you have it. Otherwise any other magic boosting offhand will do.


If you are completely new to bossing you may want to just use magic void instead of ahrims and maybe lower the number of switches to 3 (helm, cape/amulet/boots).


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