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Ok, so Monkey Madness II is exclusive to Old School RuneScape, what else?

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I recently went to the old school runescape wiki and discovered there was a quest called Monkey Madness II. I checked the wiki for the modern RuneScape and discovered it's not in that version.


Ok, I have a couple of questions. First off, Old School RuneScape is supposed to be like RuneScape from the past, right? Because I was a member of RuneScape back in 2007 and earlier and I can tell you for a fact that Monkey Madness II did NOT exist back then. So how can it be considered RuneScape from the past if it has something that didn't exist in RuneScape back then?


Secondly, what other things are exclusive to Old School RuneScape? I really wanna know.

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Originally OSRS was a clone of the 2007 game pre-GWD.


Early on in the OSRS's life the small team that runs OSRS (~6 people) felt that the game would become quickly stale if there wasn't new content for the player base so the decision was made to add more content.

This obviously makes OSRS different from what runescape was like in 2007 but there has essentially been 5 years worth of development on it. Content in OSRS requires approval of more than 75% of the community which means that there is usually a consensus of "Yes we want it" with a very vocal minority against it. Notably people dislike skilling/PVP related content and like PVM and quest related content (providing the quest is worth it sadly). 

To answer your first question, do not think of it as "Runescape from the past" but more like "Runescape if EoC never happened".


To answer your second question: 

There is a lot of content that would be difficult to list off but some of the most popular content includes:

Rooftop Agility, Motherlode mine, Wilderness Bosses, Zeah (and related quests), Fossil Island, Dragon Slayer 2, Monkey Madness 2, Raids 1, Raids 2, various Slayer related bosses and Zulrah.

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To add onto that, many of Old School's updates effectively piggyback off the RS3 versions and make a version of it scaled for the 2007 version of the game. For example, they didn't throw the Dungeoneering skill in there, but the raids activities are not far off.

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