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Memorial to Guthix

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Check the wiki for exact locations, long story short you gotta run around Gielinor and pick up these engrams (pretty much small plates on the ground that can be charged with different types of divination energy). You need a certain amount of div strands and a certain amount of a particular energy to charge them, then when you charge all of the engrams you can teleport to the Memorial and give them to the girl at the front. You get a bunch of Divination XP for each engram as well as a "prestige" on your Memorial if you hand in a full set, which allows you to add some perk beneficial to div/div related activities (e.g. you can disable divine location loot for better xp, increasing duration of div springs, getting Fire spirits while fming, etc. etc.)


Every time you prestige, it costs a little more strands and energy to charge the engrams again but every prestige unlocks a new perk up to 5 total. It's pretty worth doing IMHO as some of the perks are really helpful (personally I use Ethereal Connection, Shared Knowledge, Abyssal Transit, Fairy Fire, and Stored Power)


If you're lazy, you can always just trade in your strands to Orla at the entrance to the Memorial. You will get a much worse rate than charging engrams but you don't have to buy/harvest energies nor do you have to run around picking up the engrams lol.

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