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SwiftKit iOS has gone critically obsolete


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Although I do agree with you, that app isn't maintained by us, but a 3rd party developer. We do not receive any proceedings, nor maintain the app it self. I'd recommend using the built in contact feature in the app store (under the review section, there should be `App Support`), to let the developers know :)


I'm sorry I can't be of any more help than that though.

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Hey there thanks for the reply;


The funny part is that the App Store's link led me straight to the SwiftKit forums here on tip.it, although I had previously contacted the developer with the same link, but that led me to an email address.


This means the developer has gone inactive and/or swapped their professional email address for a forum link.

A pretty disappointing answer to my question.



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The Observer frequents OffTopic on TIF and has a swiftkit staff tag. Maybe he'd be of some assistance?




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https://forum.tip.it/user/117365-dtwizy/ is the one has made the iOS application. Looks like he hasn't logged in for the past 3 years.

Well, that makes the prospect of getting an update seem pretty hopeless.


I wonder if the problem is the app, or rather whatever services the app was dependent on.

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