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How many hours will you play this Year?

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Take a pic of your Adventurer Log hours @ 1-1-2019 then take one @ 12-31-19 to see how many Hours you have played during the Year.

Level 99 Skills 28/28 200M exp Skills 4/28
Going for 200M All Skills. [qfc]48-49-837-63099395[/qfc]

@Matt258RS Twitch: Matt258RS


My Youtube user name: birdman258 200MCook ProfitCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers


On 12/23/2011 at 4:39 PM, 'Jebrim' said:

But don't even begin to think that I think I'm better than you all simply because I've done 7.6k+ hours of Agility or because I have tens of thousands of fans.

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rs3 I can honestly say I haven't played even 1 hour since it came out


osrs if I fall into a depressive spell I can throw a lot of hours into it again at some point

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Wait how does one find the adventurer log?  I know I played a lot today but not sure how to tell how much.  I am not sure how much I will play this year but I am pretty sure I will not play this much everyday.  That is average an hour a day but today I played several hours.

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