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No more iron & Steel ingots at Artisan ??

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Did the new Smithing - Re-Make include getting rid of the creation of iron and steel ingots ? I had steel inots in my bank and a week ago they disappeared.

 Now when I want to use the new Smithing interface - I can Not find making iron & Steel ingots at Artisan. Please help .  Also is there any videos on youtube

 that shows you how to use the new interface ?

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Your steel ingots have probably been replaced by tickets, you can exchange your tickets (look in your inventory/bank for them) at the artisans workshop, either for the item of your choice (with a really low high alch value compared to what it was before) or salvage items which have the same high alch value as the previous items you had. The Artisan Workshop mechanics have changed, as well as how smithing works. You can probably find the ingots if you click on the metal bar of your choice in the interface, but make sure beforehand that you really want to make ingots (as I think they are now only used as a summoning ingredient, but I might be wrong).


I would advice you to check this document for more info, it helped me a lot to grasp what this update has changed: https://runescape.wiki/w/User:Suity/MSRework


Retired item crew

I would like to be credited as essiw at the website update & corrections forum. Thanks!

If you want to add me in game, add "essiw".

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